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Dolmar sets the standard in innovation for the international wine and food sector. Its activity is split across four organisational areas.
Dolmar Winemaking Products bring you the latest advances from R&D projects developed by internationally recognised professionals, aiding the optimisation of the processes involved in winemaking and the food industry through the formulation, manufacture and sale of exclusive and innovative products.
Dolmar laboratories are located in La Rioja, Spain. They are equipped with the latest technology and international standar UNE-EN-ISO 17025, Nº812/LE 1607 accredited by ENAC for the testing of wine and food products. Agreements with, for example, the Japanese Ministry of Health, regarding the analysis of food exports mean that Dolmar is in a position to help optimise the competitiveness of your company’s operations. We are also involved in the analysis of food exports for clients in the United States, Brazil, Canada, China, Switzerland and Mexico.
The Dolmar Research Center is located in its "Micalanda Complex". Its mission is to promote and enhance the quality and competitiveness of companies through the development of R&D and quality control projects. It also has a pilot winery for research projects.
Dolmar Training Division is a leader in leading seminars in enology and food through international programs taught by leading international researchers in different disciplines.
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